Our Story

Jared with LucyJared with Lucy
Jim Jr. spent his early childhood in Leverett, Massachusetts where Roaring Brook Nurseries originated. During his teen years his family moved the farm to it’s present location here in Wales, Maine. He pursued his passion for agriculture working at a local Orchard before settling into the family business.

Children Lindsay & Jared represent the third generation here at our farm. Daughter Lindsay is a recent graduate from the University of Southern Maine. She is embracing her new career path in Management. Son Jared is leaving the East coast and will be residing in California while attending school there.

No farm is complete without a farm dog. Meet Lucy, our two year old Golden Retriever. Official greeter and people pleaser!

The Glazier Family


In 1956, Jim Glazier, Sr., held the position of Research Assistant in the Pomology Department at the University of Massachusetts. Under the direction of Dr. Frank Southwick, Director of Plant & Soil Science, they engaged in the research of malus rootstock testing.

As Jim’s interest grew and he foresaw the need to supply young fruit trees to local orchards, he began propagating (see more on propagation below) several varieties of apples in the backyard of his Leverett, MA, farmhouse.

He gave his fledgling nursery the name Roaring Brook Nurseries after the well known brook which ran through the side of his property. As a young boy, Jim Glazier, SR’s son known then as “JR”, recalls many fond memories of fishing the brook. Over the next 20 years Mr. Glazier accumulated a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise in the art of propagation and in distribution of fruit trees throughout New England. In the early years, this training included several summers of traveling to East Coast Nurseries from Virginia to New York with a group known as University of Massachusetts Truth to Name Inspection Service.

Jim Glazier, Sr. in the field Jim Glazier, Sr. 1927-2013
In 1977, Roaring Brook Nurseries relocated to Wales, Maine. Jim Glazier, Sr., and his wife Dorothy Glazier greatly expanded production on the 100+ acres of rich farmland. By diversifying its crops to include ornamental shrubs and shade trees for sale to area garden centers and landscapers, Roaring Brook Nurseries completed the transformation from backyard hobby to a thriving corporation.

In 1992, Jim Glazier, Jr., became the second generation owner of Roaring Brook Nurseries, Inc. “I appreciated the opportunity to continue the family business and strive to maintain a future direction so that one day possibly my children can carry on the family business,” comments Jim.

Budding to Propagate

Jim cutting a single bud
Budding is the age old process used to produce many plants from one. At Roaring Brook Nurseries in the month of August, the budding team will be found in the field early in the morning.

Here, fruit tree branches with their leaves removed to reveal a small bud, are ready.

Jim is shown cutting a single bud (in the shape of a shield) from the branch.
A “T” shape cut is made on the host stock that is growing in the row. With a sharp knife the “T” is opened and the bud shield is inserted.

You next wrap the newly budded tree with a special rubber strip that will hold the bud firmly to its host and help prevent respiration.

Later in the season the bud will “take” and another NEW tree will be created at Roaring Brook.

This is how year after year, generations of hearty Maine Roaring Brook Nurseries stock are grown.

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